It is every contractor’s nightmare: it is nice and busy in the shop and then suddenly something breaks. It could be anything. A leaking roof, faulty cooling or sliding doors that suddenly won’t open or close. Such situations demand fast and appropriate action…

National cover

Stamhuis Onderhoud Services (SOS) can take charge of the all your worries with regard to faults, emergencies and maintenance. With our national cover, we can be anywhere within 2 hours!. On top of that, our control room can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Independent service

As Stamhuis Onderhoud Services, we stand out because we offer expert and independent advice on the maintenance of your retail unit. The actual maintenance work is carried out by our carefully selected partners. This working method ensures a reliable assessment of maintenance work and that we can operate completely independently.

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Our flexibility means that we can easily link up your current maintenance parties to our management system. This means that you can continue the relationship with your current suppliers without issues. If you do not yet have maintenance suppliers, we can also call in our maintenance partners who, obviously, meet our high quality standards. We can guarantee a fast and smooth processing of all your maintenance and repair work because our management is streamlined and transparent.

Preventive maintenance

Preventing is still better than fixing and certainly in the case of damage and faults or failures. We therefore prepare specified maintenance plans and can give you insight into the planned maintenance and the attached costs at any time. In addition, you can also make use of our various remote controlled systems and installations. For example, we have developed a patented method to measure the water level of your drains remotely. Overflowing drains are a thing of the past because this means we can intervene on time.