About us

Stamhuis is a leading organisation in retail unit renovations and improvements. In addition to our headquarters in Utrecht, we have sites in Medemblik, Zaltbommel, Barendrecht, Zuidwolde and Antwerp. With just under 300 permanent members of staff, we build and renovate approximately 1200 projects at home and abroad annually. Although our company has become large from shop renovations, we do a lot more…

Renovation plans

Are you considering renovating your retail unit, office, school or hospital? Or is your luxury lounge area ready for a serious make-over? You’re in the right place at Stamhuis! We take an active and constructive approach with you on every project and can, if you wish, assume full responsibility for the renovation work.

Unique working method

Designers, architects, draughtsmen, project managers, finishing experts and engineers; all these disciplines join together in a unique manner at our company. The result? A company that can operate at incredible speed and efficiency that will complete a full retail unit renovation project in only five days! We have now grown to become the largest retail builder in the Benelux with our unique working method.

Reliable and flexible

At Stamhuis, we invest heavily in sustainability, innovation, multidisciplinary partnerships and effective project management. But what is most important: We do what we promise and keep to agreements. This makes us a reliable and flexible partner with whom doing business is a pleasure. A team you can rely on!

Long-term and close relationships

We are well-known for our versatility, transparency and dynamism and we are proud of this. We strive for long-term and close relationships with our customers. We examine the customer’s specific preferences in great detail for each project. Always. This attitude ensures that we manage to surprise our customers again and again with innovative customised solutions.