Project Management

A high-quality renovation needs streamlined management and coordination. Our project managers monitor and manage your project from the initial idea, up to and including, the final delivery. We monitor the quality, planning and budget factors closely during the entire process.

Chance left out of the equation

Nothing is left to chance at Stamhuis. Even before we start the renovation of your shop, office, restaurant or healthcare centre, we have already planned and discussed everything in detail. We achieve amazing results time and time again because we prepare every project down to the finest detail and ensure streamlined and clear management of internal and external partners. We create added value for our customers with our continuous focus on quality improvement, innovation and synergy.


Full transparency

Cost monitoring has become second nature to us because the construction and fitting out of a retail unit, office or (commercial) property project is a capital intensive process. We stick to the agreed budget and discuss this with you in order to be fully transparent. In addition, re-engineering and process optimisation allow us to realise exciting cost savings.


Stamhuis is an independent construction partner who likes working in partnership with other parties. Our many years of experience enables us to quickly spot where you can make savings. For example, we modify and reuse existing fixtures and fittings. Or we use alternative materials and energy-saving technologies. Stamhuis can even take over the full stock management of your shop fixtures and fittings. In other words, unburdening in the most literal sense of the word!

Customised project management

For each type of store, we at Stamhuis put together a team of experienced experts to take responsibility for the effective roll-out and monitoring of your retail formula. From Stamhuis Ontwerp and Managementbureau (design and management – SOM), we manage and coordinate Ahold projects, such as store renovations for Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall. The Stamhuis Project Management (SPM) office is in charge of project management of retail units such as Blokker, Action, La Ligna and Le Perron. Both offices are able to coordinate the entire renovation or construction process: from the building shell right up to the finish.