Modify & reuse

Are you looking for a high-quality interior for your retail unit that does not cost too much and is environmentally friendly and sustainable? Look no further! In our own modification centre, we work on the high-quality redeployment of materials. The result? Used displays and racks that are delivered as good as new. With the same quality guarantees!

Quality experience

An flawless refurbishment contributes to the image and quality experience of your retail unit. We know all about this. From our own modification centre, we assist retailers in saving costs in an environmentally-friendly manner when replacing their store fittings and fixtures. How? By reusing, overhauling and, when required, adapting materials from disassembly or demolitions (such as shop displays, ovens and shopping trolleys). We maximise the recycling of products and raw materials to counteract depreciation.

Closed-loop system of materials

We establish the impact on the environment for each product. Our multidisciplinary partnership gives us detailed insight into the workflow. In addition, we register and assess all incoming and outgoing materials for reuse. With the Stamhuis Total Concept, we strive for a closed-loop system of materials. This is good for the environment and it enables considerable cost savings. The options available are listed below.

Material processing

Different metal processing technologies are used at our modification centre. For example, we have an advanced powder-coating system with which we can prepare shop displays and racks ready for reuse in no time at all. This technology ensures that we can apply thick coatings with a smooth and texture-free surface. A great benefit is that virtually no volatile organic substances are released during this process. In addition, we can also produce thicker coatings and the residues can be easily reused. The scratch-resistant, colourful and water-resistant layer will ensure that your fixtures and fittings will look like new.