“You must not only say what you do, but also do what you say!”

In everything we do, we keep a keen eye on the impact on people and the environment. Sustainability is central to us! How we do this? We are happy to elaborate.

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  • Insight into material flows
  • Take-back guarantee
  • Cooperation with partners

To measure is to know. It is important to understanding the impact in order to make our projects more sustainable. This helps us provide input for SCOPE 3 of the CSRD legislation. We strive for maximum circularity and traceability of our material flow; this makes it possible to determine which materials are used within a specific project. With our take-back guarantee we take responsibility of our materials, and this forms an important part of the transition to a circular economy. Together with the producers and partners of our construction team we facilitate this through our own ‘Revision Centre’ (RCN).

Material Flow Analyses











  • Reuse of materials
  • Own dismantling team
  • 2 million tonnes of CO₂ reduction per year

We have had our own revision centre since 2011. This business unit aims to avoid waste and reuse materials to the highest possible quality. This can be done through circular application: the reuse of parts or revision and remanufacturing. Through these circular methods we are able to ensure a reduction of 2 million kg of CO₂ and the maximum reuse in new stores. In this way, we not only contribute to our own sustainability objective, but also towards those of our customers.

Passport of components










Cladding hergebruik
Reducing waste streams by recycling materials
A new coating gives shelving a second life


  • 7000 solar panels
  • PV foil on own trailers
  • 700 tonnes CO₂ reduction per year

We are constantly looking for improvements in sustainability. We do this not only for our customers, but also for our own premises. We make sure our premises are up to date and meet legal requirements. But we go further! As an innovative company, we look at the latest developments and apply them wherever possible. For instance, our roofs are equipped with almost 7,000 solar panels, generating enough energy to power our buildings. We will soon store all the power we do not use in two large batteries to be used at a later date or to relieve the energy grid, thus preventing grid congestion. In this way, we are not helping ourselves but also the industrial estate. Much of our heating is provided by infrared. In this way, we make our office buildings natural gas-free, resulting in an annual reduction of over 700 tonnes of CO₂.


  • BREEAM & GPR knowledge
  • CO₂ calculation of projects

Naturally, our buildings comply with all (increasingly stringent) legislation such as MPG (Environmental Performance of Buildings) and BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings). We can take care of these calculations and include the client in the various considerations and possibilities in terms of installation concepts and building envelope choices. Stamhuis also has knowledge of BREEAM and GPR Gebouw, and can provide CO₂ calculations for our projects.

Stamhuis solar panels


  • Insight into material flows
  • Take-back guarantee
  • Cooperation with partners

We have been using LHV trucks since 2012, which guarantees over 20% less fuel consumption and results in as much as 40% fewer transport movements per project. From 2023, our LHV trucks will be equipped with an electric puller and PV films on the roofs of the trailers. This allows us to generate and store energy in a battery. We use this stored energy for loading and unloading. A large part of our vehicle fleet is already electric; we will also apply this CO₂ reduction trend using hydrogen powered logistic transport


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