Building without borders

Retailers who want to renovate or extend their retail unit are faced with the same inconveniences wherever in the world they may be . How can we reduce the investment costs without compromising quality? How can we roll out our retail formula as efficiently as possible? How can we minimise inconvenience for staff, customers and the immediate surrounding area? Stamhuis International helps retailers find answers to these and other questions and keeps a sharp eye on local legislation and regulations in order to do so.

Unique knowledge of retail unit building

The valuable knowledge and experience we have gained in our long history in retail unit design, renovation and extension are invaluable to our organisation. Stamhuis can deploy this unique expertise for all retail units and chains even if they are abroad. We are currently proving this with a large number of (retail unit) renovations in Belgium, Germany and France, and we have proven this several times in the past in countries such as Russia, Sweden and on the islands of Bonaire and Curaçao.

Wereldbol EN

Local for local

To ensure we operate even more efficiently, we set up two of our own branches in Belgium (Stamhuis Belgium) and in Germany (Stamhuis GmbH). We have knowledge of local legislation and regulations, speak the relevant languages and we familiarise ourselves the local culture. This means that we are in an excellent position to manage our local partners from a central location. This ensures that we can apply the knowledge and skills from the Netherlands to the situation in the countries that surround us. The best of both worlds!

Better, smarter, cheaper and more sustainable

We know better than anyone that we must fine tune our processes and systems to renovate and extend even better, more smartly, more cheaply and more sustainably. As a sister company of the Stamhuis Group, we have access to a large bank of systems, processes and working methods that have more than proven themselves in the daily practice of retailers. The expertise that we have gained in the Netherlands has also turned out to be perfect for application abroad again and again (while, obviously, taking into account local legislation and regulations). We are talking from experience!