Logistics Services & Storage

With our unique logistics services, we can deliver your shop displays and shelves, snack bars and promotional shelves ready for use ,to your retail location at exactly the right time. Stamhuis Retail Services assembles, disassembles, installs, registers and transports all the required shop fixtures and fittings and thus becomes the virtual engine behind the super fast renovation of your shop. In addition, this business unit serves as the logistics hub for all (cross-dock) deliveries.

Thorough preparation

A high-quality renovation depends entirely on thorough preparation. We have therefore thought carefully about our logistics processes, and the clarity of our detailed planning leaves nothing to be desired. In other words, regardless of whether it concerns loading displays in the correct order or placing complete promotional shelves in your retail unit: Stamhuis knows how. The fastest route!

Military operation

The way we renovate a shop is very similar to a military operation. Everything has been thought through and the implementation is documented with the utmost accuracy. The storage of the inventory and the (pre-)assembly of the entire shop displays take place in our 20,000m2 warehouse in Utrecht, from where they are transported using our own HGVs. One morning or afternoon is sufficient to install your pre-assembled shop displays. It can’t be done faster!

You will open sooner

Our unique working method leads to worthwhile advantages. By combining speed and quality, we realise a lower investment in your renovation and a faster opening of your retail unit. This ensures that unnecessary loss of sales and inconvenience are kept to a minimum! Great for you and good for your customers!