Innovation & design

Standing still means going backwards. Certainly in construction. And definitely in the rapidly changing world of retailers. We like nothing better at Stamhuis than to help you renovate your retail unit and implement retail improvements. By using advanced software and technology and by continuously investing in innovation and ongoing development, we can always surprise you with new applications and smart discoveries.

Innovative thinking and acting

Our operational management is characterised by our innovative thinking and acting. Regardless of how beautiful your new retail unit looks upon delivery, we believe that a renovation can always be done even better and more efficiently. This is why the experts in our innovation department (Stamhuis Innovation Management) are always researching new materials, applications and technologies. By doing this, we also look critically at our own processes. Because we closely follow developments in the retail sector, we can help you respond promptly to changes.


Retail formula development

Our innovation experts are involved in developing retail formulas for both new and existing customers. We do not restrict ourselves to the design, but also the technical aspect of a shop renovation is dealt with extensively. And not without success! Stamhuis is seen as a pioneer in the field of modular construction, shop assembly, prefabrication, planning and transport. Our search for effective, creative and innovative solutions never stops.


Unique Selling Point

The quality and speed with which we can realise a store renovation can easily be called one of our unique selling points. To ensure we keep this advantage, we continue to invest in high-quality knowledge and further development of our techniques and processes in the future. Better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable construction: this is what we strive for each and every day. We will take into account the options for reusing your shop fixtures and fittings when developing and rolling out your retail formula. In addition, we aim for flexible and high-quality furnishings that enables you respond to changes quickly and easily at relatively low costs. Smart and lean construction: that is our great strength.