Stamhuis helps McDonald’s with regard to the implementation of diverse interior and finishing work. We have, for example, now provided a large number of restaurants with new ceilings, floors and walls. In addition, we also often take charge of the coordination of the finish. Last but not least, shell building, what we call “from sand to customer” projects, are also in good hands when we manage them.

Streamlined planning

In addition to the implementation of different interior and finishing work, Stamhuis introduced a new ordering system with the implementation of the “Platform Integration” (order on the right, pick up on the left). Both the counter and part of the kitchen must be converted in two days with regard to this operation. Afterwards, the new ordering system is ready for use and the visitor can be assisted even faster than was previously the case.

McDonalds-logoAbout McDonald’s

The McDonald’s Corporation is known worldwide and does not really need a further introduction. However, we do not want to keep the impressive figures from you. With more than 34,000 restaurants (!!!) in 119 countries, McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world! More than 70% of the McDonald’s restaurants are managed by franchisees.