Le Perron

We also describe the bakery shops of Le Perron as being bread theatres at Stamhuis. Our creative department has come up with a concept for this authentic boulangerie in which tradition and craftsmanship come together in a special way. We decided to use a daring and non-standard shop layout.

Full responsibility

Stamhuis plays an essential role in the roll-out of this new retail unit formula by assuming full responsibility for the renovation. Although Le Perron represents authenticity and tradition, the Le Perron projects are actually being dealt with in a progressive way. Stamhuis uses technologies such as Revit and, 3D scanning of the retail unit space and works based on the Building Information Modelling system within this context.


About Le Perron

Boulangerie Le Perron produces authentic, traditional and organic bread of a high quality.  They pay attention to taste, origin, freshness, authenticity, safety, sustainability, external appearance and innovation. You can also clearly find these elements in the interior and the look and feel of the shops.