How can we help you? A full shop renovation or a subtle adjustment of a separate department? Stamhuis is at home everywhere and IKEA knows this now too. This home department store chain called us in for the renovation of seven kitchen departments, a storage unit department and a restaurant.

Disassembly and installation

When renovating the IKEA restaurant, we were responsible for the disassembly and installation of the interior. In addition, we replaced the characteristic grid ceiling in only two nights with an industrial open ceiling with light lines. To conclude, we also took charge of the paintwork and adjusted the coffee machine areas. In only two weeks’ time, a new restaurant that was finger-licking good, was ready!

Seven departments in five weeks

And then a contract of a completely different magnitude: the renovation of seven different kitchen departments in only five weeks!  We pulled out all the stops at different locations simultaneously: everybody worked flat out. The demolition work took place seamlessly with the laying of the floors, the positioning of walls and the installation of full kitchen blocks, fridges, hobs, worktops, ovens and integrated taps. The know-how and capacity that Stamhuis can offer in this area is unrivalled.

ikea-logoAbout IKEA

Home department store chain IKEA has already opened 300 retail outlets in approximately 40 countries since it was established in 1943. IKEA has had its operational base in the Netherlands since 1978. IKEA currently has 13 stores in the Netherlands, and also an office service and a call center in Groningen.