De Hypotheker headquarters

“Translate the typical living room atmosphere of our standard sites into the refurbishment of our headquarters”. Stamhuis was put to work by De Hypotheker with these instructions. We are proud to say that this challenging contract was implemented to the full satisfaction of all those involved. Including us! We managed to realise this project without any hitches!

Stamhuis was in charge of the management and coordination on the work floor during the renovation. This was certainly an advantage since this project could only be performed in stages. Office employees were temporarily housed in the one wing during the implementation so that work could take place in the other wing without problems. Stamhuis stripped both office wings and, at the same time, made adjustments to ceilings and glass walls.

Icing on the cake

The office was provided with new floor covering, paintwork, signage and (partial) new furniture during the remodelling. The power, lighting, air-conditioning and heating were also adjusted with regard to the new layout. To conclude, a social hub was installed in both wings where you can meet informally or find a quiet spot to think. The employees and management members can now enjoy streamlined conference rooms, training rooms and silent workplaces. The icing on the cake was the consultancy room we created where new employees can be shown the ropes.