Gall & Gall

You might not believe it, but more or less every Gall & Gall store (in total about 600!) has the Stamhuis stamp. These shops are also renovated by us in accordance with the TWO (This Week Open) principle. We only need four working days on site for the full retail unit renovation!

Stamhuis Total Concept

We are pleased to be able to use our total concept for these retail unit projects. This means that we are involved in the full process: from the development of the very first idea up to and including delivery. Sophisticated planning forms the foundation with regard to the building or renovation of a Gall & Gall off-licence. Strict monitoring of progress is essential to achieve the short turnaround time. The working space is limited within this context when compared to the average Albert Heijn supermarket. This is the reason why prefab elements and standard distances and units are chosen when deciding on the layout. A large part of the work can be planned and carried out in our own workshop in advance. This means that only the interior elements need to be installed on site.

Gall-en-Gall_logoAbout Gall & Gall

Gall & Gall is the largest off-licence in the Netherlands with more than 550 outlets. The off-licence was taken over more than one hundred years after it was established by the Ahold group, but the name was kept. By taking over Alberto, Impodra, Aguilar and Klerks, Gall & Gall became the market leader in the Netherlands in one go.