A retail unit renovation does not always have to be large and disruptive. Stamhuis is currently proving this with the subtle conversion of various Etos stores. We also intensively consult with our largest customer, Ahold, with regard to the renovation work for this chain of chemists.

Maximum effect

While we deal with the full Etos retail unit renovations in accordance with the NWO principle at top speed, our work is currently restricted to implementing subtle adjustments incurring the lowest costs possible. This is all about the new direction that Etos has taken. The decorative logo of the early years, for example, is coming back and the store is being given a more traditional look and feel. Subtle adjustments with maximum effect!

Etos-logoAbout Etos

Etos is an abbreviation for Eendracht, Toewijding, Overleg and Samenwerking (Harmony, Commitment, Consultation and Collaboration). The chain of chemists ensures that personal care is within everyone’s reach. Every day, Etos employees are ready and waiting to welcome customers and give them expert and reliable advice.