De Hypotheker

Stamhuis is proud to be the developer of the new concept for De Hypotheker. We have developed different site forms for this financial service provider where streamlined lines and shapes melt together to form the cosy atmosphere of a living room. Apart from that, Stamhuis is closely involved in monitoring and the national roll-out.

Unity in diversity

We decided to use unity in diversity when working out the new concept. Every site, for example, is equipped with different consultancy rooms. These consultancy rooms carry names such as Classic, Casual, White, Black & Yellow and Natural and each exude the atmosphere of a cosy living room in their own particular way. A pleasant and warm environment helps the customer when taking a well-considered decision about a mortgage or taking out insurance.

Lower renovation costs

We are responsible for planning, project management, finish and interior during the renovation work. In addition, we can implement subtle, commercial adjustments. We managed to reduce the renovation costs by 20% by reusing the interior, making good use of materials and streamlined processes!

Hypotheker-logoAbout De Hypotheker

De Hypotheker is the largest organisation in the Netherlands with regard to selecting, advising and selling mortgages. In addition, they handle other financial residential issues such as insurance. De Hypotheker takes care of the full processing: from quotation to conclusion.