Blokker is a retailer with guts! The most famous homewares expert in the Netherlands also has the guts to invest in innovation and expansion in turbulent times. And successfully! The roll out of the new retail unit formula has been well-received by the general public.

Shorter finishing time

Stamhuis helps Blokker with regard to the conversion of a large number of sites. This mainly applies to the Blokker sites in large cities. The Blokker shops in the smaller locations are renovated in accordance with the “Slim Slim” method, which means that the shops are being renovated for a reduced rate while retaining the recognisable look and feel. For the first pilot shops, Stamhuis decided, after consulting Blokker, to use a shorter finishing time of one week!

blokker-logoAbout Blokker

Blokker has been known as the homewares expert in the Netherlands from the very beginning. It is the shop for everyone with a broad range of affordable items for the home, toys, personal care and small electronics.