Corporate Social Responsibility

Building with an eye on the future

At Stamhuis, we do not believe that a sustainable and clean world is wishful thinking. We therefore keep the (potential) consequences for people and the environment firmly in mind in everything that we do. Health, safety and sustainability are our highest priorities in our work processes. In addition, we fully invest in our principal capital: our own people.

Closed-loop system of materials

We strive for a closed-loop system of materials. This means that we register and assess all incoming and outgoing materials for reuse. In our own modification centre (RCN), we work on the high-quality redeployment of materials from disassembly demolitions of (retail unit) fixtures and fittings Sustainable entrepreneurship is not something for the future. It is the new reality!

Duurzaam 3

Energy-efficient transport

By deploying our own HGVs, we can guarantee energy-efficient transport: our articulated lorries consume considerably less fuel and ensure at least 40% fewer shipments per project. We also make full use of LED lighting and solar panels. We save no less than 377 tonnes of CO² a year by purchasing green energy collectively with other organisations! Our working method is not just better for the environment, but also leads to considerable cost savings. In other words, benefits for now and for the future!

The best for our employees

We closely monitor the development, growth and health of our employees at both a professional and personal level This starts by delegating responsibility and showing trust. For example, by also offering long-term unemployed and disabled people work within our organisation. In addition, we also make provisions for those who want to work from home, we stimulate exercise with our versatile bicycle plan and offer employees many opportunities to advance. This is the only way to get the best from each other!

Mutual trust

Stamhuis does everything in its power to make continual progress. This is only possible by safeguarding knowledge and skill continuity. Our aim is for our corporate goals to go hand-in-hand with the personal development of our employees. Based on mutual trust and respect, we build on the development of our company and our employees in a united manner!